Friday, January 19, 2018
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Success Stories

“ I also have several kids who have joined an after-school group ... and they make news videos for the local station. All because of this contest ...Thank you for giving us this forum.”  Jr. High School Teacher - CA

“We so appreciate organizations like yours who offer this educational opportunity to kids! 

 As a homeschooling family, these kinds of contests are very motivating for our kids."  Home School Mom - IL

“Over all, great projects and I enjoyed participating. I look forward to helping in the future. A couple of films amazed me, and I would like for those filmmakers to tell the other students how they did their work. How the conceptualized the project and how the completed the project. The really good projects obviously had more work from conception to completion.” Grand Prize Judge - CA

"I'm not sure my [film-making] class would have had such a strong impact if we had not been able to enter your contest. It added that public dimension that leads to this kind of emotional and intellectual growth."  Jr. High School Teacher - CA