Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Doing Good

Track One: Young Filmmakers "Doing Good"

All entries in Track One must somehow relate or interact with a project or organization that is doing something for the good of society.  Films cannot be longer than four minutes, and Public Service Announcements should keep it under a minute.  

Music Video – Create a music video putting your "doing good" topic to song, or writing and performing your own lyrics.  This is your opportunity to speak up on how society needs to address an issues you're passionate about or what they’re already doing that’s really cool.  We love creativity!   

Public Service Announcement – What message would you send about your "doing good" topic in a single TV ad?  Film a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that you’d like the world to see responding to or incorporating your cause.  We'll work to get the winning PSA to actually air on TV!  We recommend that no PSA exceed one minute (60 seconds) in length.