Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Track Two:  Young Filmmakers' Freeform

In the Freeform track, you may submit films on any topic, not to exceed four minutes inlength.  You can only enter a film in one  category, even if it could apply in two, so choose wisely! Entries must follow the rules and guidelines of the competition. 

Documentary – The true stuff. It can come via documentary, news feature, historical narrative and pretty much any other way you churn it out.  Segments you create from your school’s broadcast news program can be submitted here.

Short Film – Storytelling 101. Any fictional films you create. Be sure to keep 'em under four minutes or your heroine will meet an untimely death when we stop rolling the tape!

Animation – Bring it to life. If you find actors and actress to be more hassle than they’re worth, and prefer to create your own characters, we want to see what you can do. Digital and hand drawn animations are welcomed.

Music Video – Rock On! Set your favorite song on fire by creating a music video made to inspire. These submissions should original music compositions, or used with the permission of the original artist. No copy-cat, copyright or other break-the-law make-Big-Brother-hunt-you-down material.

One Take Wonder – Any film created from a single take without the use of editing equipment or software. The film’s content can vary as long as it was created in a single take. You can even use footage shot on your cell phone. 

Non-Moving Movie – If a movie doesn't move, is it really a movie at all? We think so. Maybe all you've got is a great script and some screenshots. That's still talent.  Maybe you made an awesome automated power point as a class presentation – film it in action then submit it here!

Comedic Creation – A chance for all you class clowns out there to shine! An entry here might be your best stand-up material or a really funny film you make.  See if you have what it takes to get the biggest laugh!